the impulse factory

Tailor made snacks

The Impulse Factory has got a large range of snacks. Many different packaging options make it possible to respond to the specific needs of each customer. The Impulse Factory gives the ability to offer products under its own brand labels ('SNEXX®' and 'Party Hits®'), fancy labels and retailer brands.Have you found an interesting snack but you would like to have this product in organic, light or for example without certain allergens? Please send us an email or have contact by phone to discuss the possibilities.

Product development

Independently or in partnership with clients, The Impulse Factory is daily engaged with inventing and developing innovative snacks and packagings.
Developing a snack deserves the proper care and attention.
The Impulse Factory works with specialized R&D employees, who determine together with customers the product recipes. The snack products will be manufactured in specialized factories.
For the development of tailor made savoury snacks you have come to the right place. The Impulse Factory is committed to comply to everyone's wishes. Our more than 25- years’ experience will be used flexible. Whether it should be a biological product, a light product or simply a packaging for a special promotion or gift, The Impulse Factory provides a solution and always in tasteful top quality!

QualityIFS Box coated Cmyk

The Impulse Factory is IFS certified because ensuring top quality is a very important aspect of their business. Because of our daily focus on product development and control and in intensive cooperation with our suppliers, we guarantee the best quality for our snacks. We work only and exclusively together with specialized IFS / BRC certified factories.
IFS Broker certificate


The logistical qualities of The Impulse Factory are vital for her core business.
Short delivery times, opportunities to place large but also very small orders, fast electronic order processing, good accessibility and good order tracking & tracing, The Impulse Factory provides better service then her competitors.
The Impulse Factory delivers snacks directly from the foreign factories or from their two Benelux warehouses.